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What is Hydrogen Coral Powder?

It is powdery raw material made by evaporating hydrogen on natural coral fossils. Since the minerals contained in coral fossils are conbined with hydrogen by a special technique, the hydrogen is stably combined in the sealed and dry condition and doesn't vaporize. It is confirmed by a third-party's test that it can eliminate the hydroxyl radicals for a long time.

Manufacturing process of Hydrogen Coral Powder

Coral Pictures

Cleaning coral fossils

Hydrogen mark

Heat calcining coral fossils by hydrogen, and then hydrogen will be evaporated on coral fossils by a chemical reaction.

Coral powder

Pulverization to complete Hydrogen Coral Powder

Consideration for the global environment

The coral fossils used for hydrogen coral powder has been weathered over the years. Collecting and using coral fossils won't lead to the destruction of the global environment.

Why choose us

1. High safety

A glass of water

Many people will be surprised whether it is safe whening hear about coral fossils. Don't worry. Coral fossils are also recognized as food. It is one kind of cnidaria, the companion of jellyfish and sea anemones. Besides, living corals play an important role for the planet, such as adjusting carbon dioxide concentrations in the sea. And "Hydrogen Coral Powder" uses the corals that have been fossilized over the years. Hydrogen Coral Powder doesn't contain harmful substances (arsenic or heavy metal), and it has been demonstrated in clinical trials that it is safe even if taken every day for a long period of time.

Hydrogen Coral Powder safety test result

Test Item Result Quantitaion Limit Method
Arsenic Not detected 0.5ppm Atmic absorption spectrometry
Lead Not detected 0.5ppm Reduction vaporization atomic absorption spectrophotometry
Cadmium Not detected 0.1ppm Atmic absorption spectrometry
mercury Not detected 0.01ppm Atmic absorption spectrometry
Aerobic plate account N/E 300/g -- Standard Agar plating method
Coliform bacteria Negative / 2.22g -- BGLB broth inoculating method

Japan Food Resaerch Laboratories No.15103182001-0301

2. Evidence for functionality

Illustration of documents

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Test data (English)

Human clinical result, reduction of 8-OHdG creatinine ratios
Measurement of Antioxidant Property

The favorable change in intestinal flora

3. Abundant minerals

Clip art of mineral

Minerals are essential for our bodies to function properly. Coral, the blessing of the sea, contains as far as we know well-balanced no less than 16 kinds of minerals such as natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, and zinc. If only taking a single mineral, the powder of the ingredient itself can't be exerted. It is very important to have a well-balanced intake of a variety of minerals. From the perspective of the mineral intake, coral fossil is a food that should be taken continuously every day for health.