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Development Story

An unprecedented concept
"Hair growth by the approach from the inside of the body"

The road to the development of "Hydrogen Coral Powder"

Struggle in the hair manufacturing industry as a starting point

Yano, the founder of our company, started to work in a major general hair manufacturer in his 20's and has been active in the forefront of the hair growth business for 30 years. He has served as manager of multiple departments, including sales development department at the head office. He was also involved in the establishment of Japan Hair Industry Association, and was in charge of the acquisition of a major US hair transplant maker as well as the establishment of the hair research institute in the US in the overseas business department. Through these experiences, he was keenly aware that how many people were desperately seeking relief from concers for thinning hair, gray hair, and the troubles caused by them. As he met with each one of his customers, a sense of mission, "I want to help solve this kind of problem by any means", was deeply engraved in his heart.

The conclusion is "Hydrogen Hair Growth" (hair growth by hydrogen)

The conclusion finally reached by hair growth research is that the active oxygen which damages hair root cells is the hidden cause of thinning hair and grey hair; and the best way to prevent thinning hair and grey hair is to protect hair root cells from the damages caused by this active oxygen, where we met "Hydrogen". Hydrogen has an antioxidant power that is far superior to other antioxidants, and protects hair root cells from the damages caused by active oxygen. When we learned the fact, we felt like we had just met a savior.

The start of the concept "Hair growth by the approach from the inside of the body"

In 2005, we established a hydrogen hair growth business independently. We started the concept of hair growth by "approach from the inside of the body", and continued with the research and development under the support of many researchers and engineers. After a lot of experiments and practice errors, a food material showing antioxidant capacity called "Hydrogen Coral Powder" was successfully developed in 2008. It is the material that evaporates antioxidant hydrogen on coral fossils.

Offering products that are easy to fit into every lifestyle

In order to deliver to as many people as possible who have health and beauty concerns, we have commercialized it as a supplement (health supplement) that is easy to take in daily life. Because it is food, we believe that it is possible for everyone to take easily and safely for a long term. Thankfully, we have now received a lot of customer's patronage regardless of gender or age.

Establishment of evidence and further pursuit

After product development, we still thoroughly continue to focus on "hair improvement", and concentrate on clinical trials and monitor test to examine safety and functionality. And we have accumulated many achievements. Even today, we are performing monitor tests continuously to increase variation of our products so that we could provide our customers with more satisfactory products. And we sincerely hope that lives of as many customers as possible could be enriched by meeting our products.