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It is sold as exclusive products at authorized stores like clinics, dispensing pharmacies, Kampo pharmacies, hair salons and beauty salons etc.


Hair is a mirror that reflects the inside of the body.
What we are particular about is the approach to beautiful hair that is resistant to aging and stress from "inside of the body".
The combination of Hydrogen and Coral supports the inherent power of the human body, leading to a lively beauty.

Product Line-up

ChÈRE H Powder Photo

ChÈRE H Powder

Ingredient: Hydrogen Coral Powder

ChÈRE H Pure Photo

ChÈRE H Pure

Ingredient: Hydrogen Coral Powder

ChÈRE H Black Photo

ChÈRE H Black

Ingredient: Hydrogen Coral Powder, Banana Extract, Placenta, Kelp Root, Black Maca etc.